Brief History of the Cigarette
Packet Collectors Club of
Great Britain

Whilst this Club is now well known
amongst cigarette card collectors
and also many other collecting
clubs, not many people know the
origins. A brief history taken from
the original text by our late
Chairman, Nat Chait, tells how he
had started a club that was his
lifetime's work.

It all really started when he was      
approached by a Mr. Robin Ellis of Ventura Publishing Ltd back in 1978.

        Murratti's Neb-Ka (Live flat ten packet)

He explained that his company wanted to produce a book covering packaging from the early days of cigarettes right up to the present time and any help he could give would be most welcome. Nat, having always been in the tobacco trade, as well as being a collector of cigarette cards and cigarette packets, he was indeed able to help, plus having the knowledge of the many manufacturers past and present.

So without going into the lengthy story about the
make up of the book which is called "Cigarette Pack
Art" by Chris Mullen, he felt that if a publisher
considered there was enough collectors around he
would form a club. During the autumn of 1979 Nat
held a meeting of the leading collectors in the country
at his home, where they formed a club just for
cigarette packet collectors. Nat decided that to be a
success the club must have a magazine, so he
produced one. The first issue was 'spring 1980' and continues to be printed every quarter. It was originally produced in black and white, issue number 36 onwards it appeared in colour.

J. S. Woods Silver Grill

There is no such thing as a catalogue for the prices of packs, but like all collectables, the older the pack the more desirable it becomes. At the Club's meetings, held twice a year in London, members have their packs on show for sale and an auction takes place with a variety of packs, tins and advertising material always available. Details of the meetings are given in the Club magazine and they are always well supported with between 70 and 100 members attending. For members who can't attend the London meeting, there is a postal auction held every quarter.

Some cigarette packs are far more difficult to acquire than
cigarette cards, which makes the hobby so intriguing.
Anyone who is at all interested in cigarette packets
should JOIN the Cigarette Packet Collectors Club of GB.
By meeting other collectors it will increase your
knowledge of packs and open a whole new world of
interest for you.

It is very easy to join the club, just download the application form and fill out the relevant sections.
The Subscription is payable preferably by cheque
(made out to "The Cigarette Packet Collectors
Club of Great Britain), or if you live outside the UK, details are given on the form how to pay. When you have completed the form, please send it with your payment to the Secretary.

Robinson's King Lud

Membership currently stands at over 200 members and increasing. There are members from all over the world, including Europe, America, Australia, Brazil, Israel, China and many more.

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