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Magazine 161, autumn 2017

includes the following:


Editorial: Exchange & Mart etc


Street Drugs by A Tyler - a review. 12 Foyer Cigarettes


Tobacconists & Allied Trades by Barry Russell


John Fitzpatrick - Huntly by Barry Russell


Surnames – Long & Short by Hilary Humphries


A Collecting Life by John Kitchen


The Early Player’s Seascape Pack by Hilary Humphries


Who Stole the Cavalcade? by Barry Russell


‘The Shopfront’ by Hilary Humphries


George Bigwood, Tobacconist by Barry Russell


Formation of Imperial Tobacco Co.


‘Windows’ by Hilary Humphries


Cowen’s Ideal A1 Virginia Cigarettes by Barry Russell


I Can’t get No Satisfaction! By Barry Russell


Brand List B.M.G Cigarette Co. by Hilary Humphries


World Scene by Daniel Sanford


The Red Men of Liverpool F.C. - a review



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Live Packet & Point of Sale








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BBC Antiques Roadshow








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Cigarette Packet Crimes


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